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Privacy Policy

Dear visitor,

We hereby inform you about the nature, extent and purpose of the processing of personal data within our online offer.

Beratron does not collect any personal data other than those specified below in its online offer.


Ulf Radenz
Beratron GmbH
Lothringerstr. 52
52070 Aachen

Tel: +49 241 518327-0
E-Mail: radenz@beratron.de

Types of processed data

* Communication data

Purpose of processing

In order to maintain the online offer of Beratron, access data is recorded in so-called server log files and, if necessary, used to determine the cause of the error in case of communication errors.

The access data are the name of the accessed page, the file, the date and time of access, the amount of data transferred, the message about the successful retrieval, the browser type including version, the user's operating system, the previously visited web page , the IP address and the requesting provider.

The server log files are stored for backup for a maximum of 7 days and then deleted. Should it be necessary for evidence to continue to store them, a deletion will be made only after the final clarification of the respective incident.

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