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  Frontview Astatine

Modular Series Astatine

The devices of the Astatine Series are available with total power of 500 Watts and different output voltage levels. All devices are short circuit proof and adapt the load automatically.

The Astatine is equipped with an VF-Display, which is good readable as well in sunligh or with laser protection glasses against diode-laser radiation. Device settings can be done via the front panel or via USB, RS232 or CAN-Bus

The Astatine is equipped with high power blowers and is cooled with air. Needless to say the Astatine can also be equipped with an water-cooling plate. Cooled with water the Astatine is available up to 1500 Watt total power. Please contact us.

Backview Astatine

The Astatine in 3 Height-units has place enough for a diode-laser modul and a high-voltage source for your Pockels-cell.

A entire legend of all plugs on the back complete the Astatine.

Due to the modular system of the Astatine, we are able to quick serve your requests - please contact us!

Refer to Datasheet for detailed information.

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