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  Frontview of 0824

Integrated Driver for fibercoupled laserdiodes with integrated peltier

The driver type 0824 is the perfect driver for fibercoupled diodes with integrated peltier element in DIL or butterfly package.

The robust and compact driver can be integrated in the final product as well as in the laboratory. Time-consuming development of the driver for the final product can be omitted.

The driver is equipped with an easy analog interface as well as with USB interface and can be easily integrated in industrial and laboratory environments.

Backview of 0824

A configurable build-in over-current protection circuit protects the SLD from spikes.

All relevant parameter can be set and read back via USB.

The driver is powerd with 8 - 30 V.

The driver is equipped with a FC/APC connector (or other) on the back.

A multicolor LED on the frontside informs about the status of the driver.

The driver can be operated in constant-current (CC) or constant-power (CP) mode. Up to 50 KHz repetition frequency is possible in internal and external operation mode. An analgog power- and currentmonitor completes the integrated SLD driver.

If desired the driver can be adapt to your special needs - do not hesitate to contact us!

Detailed information is available as Datasheet.

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